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Luxury Homes Ridgefield CT

According to Zillow.com, there were 47 listings for luxury homes in Ridgefield, CT, in June 2023. The highest-priced listing was $7.5 million for a modern architectural masterpiece designed by Rafael Viñoly. It has a 10561 sq ft interior featuring angular interior design elements, stainless steel cabinetry, and a penthouse library. It also has an indoor lap pool and showroom-quality atrium. Outside is a High Meadow farm and a pool on a 4.72-acre lot.

The next one on the list is an 8266 sq ft classic “Georgian Colonial” built in 1940 on a 2.24-acre lot. It features an open-concept living area, a marble backsplash, and a saltwater Gunite pool and spa. It also has a renovated cabana with a kitchenette. It provides easy access to town, including the shuttle to the Katonah Train Station. The highest price condo listing was $849K for a 2284 sq ft unit built in 2009. It’s a stunning corner unit with a private backyard and a monthly HOA of $566.

Ridgefield’s housing market is robust, and many of the homes are primary and secondary residences owned by professionals in New York. Their often in the finance sectors, such as investment bankers and accountants. As a result, there’s a lot to choose from in terms of size, style, and location, with median home prices already above the national average. Since luxury is typically defined as priced in the top 10% of the market, you can expect prices to be significantly higher here. Then again, it’s all about location and value, both of which are world-famous here. Call today to find the perfect property.


  • Luxury homes in Ridgefield, CT, offer exceptional beauty, style, and comfort long term.